How to make a Greasy Pompadour?

Greasy Pompadour

As popular since the traditional pompadour is now, some are selecting an update to the greaser hairstyle. Essentially the most stylish ways to alter this look is to shave the sides. This simple vary from the traditional style adds an edge that brings the cut in to the 21st century.

How to easily make a greasy  pompadour

Greasy method: 

  1. Wash your hair 
  2. Grease up hair with pomade. 
  3. Comb back. Part if needed. 
  4. When combing back on the pompadour part, press a little frontward nearby the entry to be able to get a lift. 
  5. Comb lightly in the back to blend into it. Never comb the front straight back (always up). 
  6. Should the front taper to the back (from the side it will look like a wedge). 
  7. Comb the sides back. 
  8. With practice, this process gets much easier. 
  9. Your greasy pompadour - a great rockabilly hairstyle for men - looks terrific!.
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