How to get David Beckham Quiff?

David Beckham Quiff

Here is a nice tutorial for the so-called David Beckham quiff. In the United States and UK, it is called also Pompadour hairstyle(after the trend hairstyle of French court nobility in the 18th century and whose most famous wearer of Madame Pompadour).

You'll be able to fashion in Beckham quiff in two ways:

1) With hair spray or

2) With pomade.

How to Make David Beckham Quiff?

We show here Guide to the David Beckham hair quiff, the instructions with pomade:

What you need: hair dryer, brush, pomade.
  • It is important that the hair directly after washing back combed and blow-dried to be, then the great styling easier.
  • Then take some pomade only (Sweet Georgia Brown, red ) for the pages and style them backwards. 
  • Next, take the best a round brush (E.g. a "double tunnel brush", which has two sides. Short bristles and long bristles.) With the bristles (short) then forward touched the hair at the hair roots and turning it backwards. In this position are the hair to blow-drying then. 
  • Depending on the great should be how much, you then can vary the place, from taking the brush. 
  • Then the great style with superior shape.
  • And depending on the needs then two fingertips come on Sweet Georgia Brown top - for the extra shine. Approx. 5 minutes and you are faster and more safely every day.
Suggestion: Fastened Pomades, be better to comb and give a nicer shape, if they are directly after applying warm blow-dried hair to get David Beckham hair.
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