Comb pompadour step step

How to do a pompadour that has a comb

How to comb a pompadour step by step?

(1) Sectioning any rectangle on top of the head and then securing the others of the hair right into a ponytail, either high or perhaps low ponytail that's final decision, with the rectangle on the top, we're going to adopt horizontal sections.

(2) Use some hairspray and aiming the hair forward and down a small amount we're just going to do some rouging while using the comb and continue while using the next section.

(3) And because any pompadour has lots of height to that, that's why we are over-directing so far forward to ensure when we shift the hair back away from the deal with, we have that height understanding that volume that we'd like

(4) Rouging or back again combing that we're doing while using the comb, serves seeing that our foundation in addition to our cushion.

(5) So then you'll direct everything back and far from the face and also you don't want for you to comb out an excessive amount of it, although you can should you to have any look that's more polished and then going for a couple pins inside back that is certainly how to comb a pompadour.
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