Johnny Cash Pompadour hairstyle

Johnny Cash Pompadour hairstyle

Johnny Cash was a rock and roll musician and rockabilly man early in his career, he was known for his Pompadour hairstyle. In the 1950s, that synonym of rockabilly and hair grease. Along with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash popularized the Pompadour hairstyle, he would even sometimes not hair pomade for his Pompadour hairstyle and he instead, sporting a curly Pompadour!

The Pompadour hairstyle as it seems so blended when done right, for short hair I would go with a side parting and taper haircut.

How to do your hair like johnny cash?

For a Pompadour hairstyle like Johnny Cash that you need a hair pomade, a solid men comb and hairstyles pick to get up to the crest on the front and curled.

Hair products for a Pompadour hairstyle:

1. Hair dryer: the hair dryer will help you to achieve a good volume on top especially on the crest will allow you take years if you do many hairstyles, not just the Pompadour.
2. Oil based pomade: use it to wipe the hair back with a comb.
3. Hairstyles pick: It is better to make the Quiff, use a hairstyles pick to pick the hair at the front of your head as you aim the hair dryer to the Quiff so getting the volume. The hair pick will be very useful to the Quiff formed if you wish.
4. Men's comb: for the rest of the other than the Quiff hair, use a comb including your back hair and the sides of your hair.

However, I think the Pompadour hairstyle and other Johnny Cash Rockabilly hairstyles will come back, a vintage male fashion look.
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